Adventure By Justin Gibson

Adrenaline Rushes Abound in Italy

Ah, Italy-home to centuries of fine wine, delectable dishes, acclaimed architecture and priceless art. It's no wonder that this breadbasket of culture is known all over the world for an everyday existence built around the finer things in life. But, the one fine thing Italy has that isn't as widely recognized? Adventure. From heliskiing through the fresh snows of Alagna's valleys to riding horseback through the Tuscan countryside, read on to discover that there are more ways to make your heart race in the boot than just a romantic candlelit dinner.

horse tuscany


While one might be tempted to see the Tuscan countryside with just a quick stroll or a scenic drive, neither would allow you to experience the breadth of the full majesty these hills provide. To truly experience Tuscany as intended, you have to do it on horseback. There are plenty of options to choose from, and they all provide access to gorgeous scenery. You'd be wise to see which ones are run by local vineyards and wineries.


As luxury pervades every aspect of Italian life, driving is no exception; Italy is the Holy Land for fast driving with expensive cars. Luckily, fine Italian sports cars aren't solely reserved for the likes of secret agents and Formula One racers. You can rent Ferraris and Lamborghinis to test drive through the charming streets of Maranello, before heading to the race circuit to unleash all the horsepower and burn rubber.


Sprinkled along the scenic Italian Riviera coastline lie the five remote villages that add up to be Cinque Terre. Threaded between these five villages are multiple trails, each offering hiking opportunities with varying degrees of difficulty and their own unique views. Those looking to work up a sweat while soaking in the sights of the rugged countryside and topaz blue waters will be keen to try The Blue Path. Running a distance of 7.5 miles through the five villages, it allows hikers to enjoy a break when needed; either with a delicious seafood meal straight from the local waters, or a train ride to the next village.

cinque terre
ski italy


While it's easy to get caught in the stunning shores and rolling hills of Italy, you'd be remiss to not realize the wealth of mountains this country has to offer. And where there are slopes, there are skis. While any of the mountains can provide quality skiing, we recommend the village of Alagna Valsesia for the experts. The peaks surrounding this sleepy town are home to fresh powder fit for incredibly intense freeriding. And if this isn't enough adrenaline for you, upgrade your chairlift up the mountain to a helicopter, as heliskiing is prominent in Alagna.


Face it: as timeless as a gondola ride through Venice may be, it's missing the "active" part of the activity. There's a better way: discover the canals of Venice in a far more hands-on manner via a guided kayak tour. While the route is decided by the knowledgeable tour guide, the paddling of your kayak is all you, making this a thrilling workout in addition to an informative lesson.

Kayak venice

Whatever the adventure may be, it helps to have a place to rest and recharge after a long day. Here are a few hotels we guarantee go above and beyond in providing the home base for your next adventure, especially with the VIP bonus amenities you'll receive when booked through our agency.