Culture By Justin Gibson

The Stars of London's Theatre Scene

There's no denying that some of the world's best stages reside in London. London's West End specifically is considered one of the pinnacles of English-speaking performance arts. Having had its start back in 1576 with the construction of the first public playhouse, the West End today boasts 40 venues, each offering a spectacular array of modern theatre. While any of these 40 are certain to delight, the impressive wealth of options and opportunities for experiencing the arts are all worth the watch, especially the ones below.


A giant amongst its peers, the Palace Theatre has stood tall in the London theatre scene since its inception in the late 1800s. Originally known as The Royal English Opera House," the theatre today has since expanded to provide the public with a slew of incredible performance options beyond the traditional opera. Seating 1,400, the venue is perfectly suited to house larger-than-life-productions. With the grandeur of any performance resonating all around you, every seat feels like the best one in the house.


Named for a portrait of Queen Alexandra that once hung in the foyer, the Queen's Theatre today carries with it a royal stature in the theatre scene, despite its relatively young age. Besides having had some of the most prominent names in drama on its stage, the theatre itself survived a direct bombing during World War II (astute eyes will notice the split in interior design between the original Edwardian decor and a more modern style). Today, the Queen's Theatre continues to host the widely acclaimed production Les Miserables, the longest-running musical in the world and a must-watch for those who have not yet seen it.


Few theatres match the historical weight carried by Shakespeare's Globe. While the original Globe existed from 1599 to 1645, the modern-day equivalent was painstakingly reconstructed to match the former as closely as possible, and as close to the original lot of land as possible. Any show seen here is more than a show; it's a peek back through time to the theatre of Shakespeare's day and age.

globe theater
carnaby street


If you happen to be traveling to London in the summer months, you've set yourself up for a special treat: your trip has aligned with the schedule of the only professional outdoor theatre in Britain, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre. Synonymous with summertime in London, Regent's Park is the perfect place to spend an evening, thanks in part to the everchanging selection of incredible shows, and in part to the selection of constantly delicious foods you can enjoy as a picnic just outside the amphitheater. While the shows themselves are at the mercy of the weather, Regent's Park very rarely closes, and instead opts to just pause and restart if a thunderstorm does more than add to the desired dramatic effect.


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